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The unique features of FLAMEBLOCKER EXQ Light EVO cable

The unique features of FLAMEBLOCKER EXQ Light EVO cable
Jakub Wegrzyn, Head of the Technological Team for cables, TFKable Group
FLAMEBLOCKER EXQ Light EVO –  is the next generation of FLAMEBLOCKER EXQ Light cable, now with increased fire performance properties, achieving the highest flammability classification in accordance with the European CPR regulation (EN 50575:2014 + A1). The EVO version has a B2ca -s1a, d0, a1 CPR classification, due to the use of highest quality materials, ensuring both the reliability and security necessary for use in fire protection products and installations. This unique product, qualified to the highest CPR classification for cables, demonstrating very low toxicity (a1), low smoke emission (s1a) and very low combustibility index (B2ca), result in the non-proliferation of flame and smoke in the event of a fire. As further evidence of quality and safety, the cable was also tested in accordance with additional local Scandinavian SS standards requirements, obtaining C and B class to SS 4241475, as well as international standards including: IEC 60332-1-2/IEC 61034-2/IEC 60754/EN 50267-2. Quality proven from testing to such a wide range of standards enables us to offer a cable that meets international standards and offers assurance to customers, who expect high quality, safety and operational reliability.
This proven performance and quality would not be possible without the use of specially selected insulation and sheathing materials that meet the highest material standards. In particular, the use of a dedicated XLPE insulation compound – a reinforced cross-linked version of polyethylene - improving the insulation properties of the cable, while maintaining a compact construction that is consistent with the user and installation friendly principles. This dedicated insulation with enhanced dielectric properties, ensures an exceptionally high electrical resistance between the live conductors and the external environment, and most importantly minimizing the possibility of a short circuit. It constitutes the most important factors of electrical safety and optimized construction. Additionally, with the maximum conductor operating temperature of +70°C, it is resistant to short-circuit temperatures up to +250°C for one-second.
Thanks to the use of solid (class 1) conductors FLAMEBLOCKER EXQ Light EVO cable has sufficient rigidity to maintain position when bent, offering a resilient construction that will not deform, important factors for a ‘dressable’ cable to facilitate easy installation, for example: high up on the wall, around corners and into terminations. Another feature is the halogen-free rubber compound inner layer, effectively filling the gaps between the insulated cores and the outer sheath whilst maintaining a circular cross-sectional profile. Being an additional electrical insulation between the live conductors and the user, this rubber layer layer also improves the fire protection properties, eliminating air from the core interstices.  FLAMEBLOCKER EXQ Light EVO is covered with a special Low Smoke Halogen Free (LSOH) outer sheathing compound, providing the most important fire barrier and the highest standard of fire safety in the cable industry, essential for building applications with enhanced fire protection requirements.
FLAMEBLOCKER EXQ Light EVO cable is the optimum product for installations requiring the protection of property, as well as health and life safety systems. In places, where fire safety is a priority, FLAMEBLOCKER EXQ Light EVO cable meets the demanding standards required for high risk, high occupancy installations such as hospitals, shopping centers and multi-story buildings. It is suitable for power, lighting and similar applications; for use in dry or damp conditions; for installations clipped direct on a surface or embedded in plaster, masonry or concrete (not suitable for direct burial in single-fraction, vibrated or compacted concrete). These cables also have an additional UV protection layer for outdoor use in Scandinavian countries (the insulation should be protected from the effects of UV radiation).
FLAMEBOCKER EXQ Light EVO cable is available in 3 core, 4 cores or 5 cores; conductor sizes  1.5mm2 or 2.5 mm2.