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Overhead cables

Overhead cables 2

The overhead cables are the base of the development of each industrialized country. As a part of the complex network, they are a type of circulatory system supplying customers, from large industrial plants to a single household, in the necessary electrical energy. The ability to provide the required energy supply influences on the one hand on the economic development and civilisation progress, and on the other hand on the quality of life of every citizen. Therefore, the strategic purpose of each of developing country is the continuous development of the energy supplying and distributing network, whose overhead cables are its important part.

On account of the application, structure and type of the production materials, the overhead cables can be classified into three basic groups:

  • bare cables to supply and distribute energy
  • insulated cables to distribute energy
  • cables for a railway traction
Bare cables to supply and distribute energy Overhead single- and multi-core cables insulated on a voltage of 0.6/1 kV Cables for a railway traction


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