"I work carefully, I work safely" program in the manufacturing plant in Bydgoszcz


The OH&S management system compliant with OHSAS was implemented in 2013 and in the following years its main guidelines were being developed. Namely, there was adopted transparent occupational risk assessment and a cyclic system of training within the scope of provision of first aid. There were also indicated coherent work and behaviour safety principles valid on the whole premises of the plant. It is worth reminding that OHSAS 18001:2007 is the international equivalent of the Polish PN-N 18001:2004 standard - "Occupational Health and Safety Management System”.

At the beginning of this year, an OH&S team started working in the Bydgoszcz plant and its main objective is ensuring constant improvement of safety of employees and business partners staying on the premises of the plant. Additionally, according to the OHSAS certificate, all the activities undertaken aim at engaging the plant employees in full. In consequence of a contest prepared for the employees it was decided that the whole of works and activities shall be conducted under the "I work carefully, I work safely" slogan.

"I'm glad that the whole crew is so engaged in new initiatives that we adopted in the Program. Similarly, our business partners also notice changes in our attitude towards safety and with full understanding they comply with the rules valid on the plant premises. It is worth underlining that the OH&S Program adopted is focused on maintaining complete safety, consisting in elimination of potential hazardous events and defining the responsibility of TFKable towards employees and their families. In general, it is a manual with rules that are supposed to reinforce the awareness of hazard and responsible attitude towards it through implementation of additional safety measures at workstations. Meanwhile, in long-term perspective it provides a reduction of costs of operating activity thanks to no downtime caused by absence or recuperation required,” - says Piotr Mirek, 1st Management Board Vice-president in charge of operations, TELE-FONIKA Kable SA

The "I work with awareness, I work safely" program assumes implementation of additional possibilities of exchange of information between the managing department and operators in order to eliminate and prevent potentially hazardous situation. A simple instruction assumes that the KAIZEN BHP idea sheet is going to be filled in by every employee capable of indicating a method of introducing a change via generally accessible tool box, that is "identification of risks, presentation of idea, identification of goal, detailed transcription of the task, wider presentation and collection of feedback".

Another significant objective of the Program is implementation of the LOTO procedures that enable eliminating the hazards related to appropriate marking (tagout) and locking (lockout) of machines and devices that have been shit down due to renovation or maintenance works conducted. Other elements that are going to be implemented systematically is equipping with additional modern equipment for rescue actions or implementation of a system of intensive trainings within the scope of provision of first aid.