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We are a recognized and trusted provider of copper and aluminum cables and wires, optical fibre cables, used by the world's leading companies in telecommunications, energy transmission and distribution, electronics, shipbuilding, mining.

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JDR joined to TELE-FONIKA Kable Group

JDR joined to TELE-FONIKA Kable Group



01 07.12.2021 - TFKable was awarded the SAP Innovation Awards 02 17.06.2021 - TELE-FONIKA plant in Bydgoszcz will join the teaching staff of a new study program Power Engineering at the University of Science and Technology in Bydgoszcz. 03 20.05.2020 - TFKable Group's update on Covid-19
Low voltage cables 1 Low voltage cables Halogen-free cables 1 Halogen-free cables Installation cables (round, flat, flexible) 1 Installation cables (round, flat, flexible) Trolley cable Trolley cable Copper telecommunication cables 1 Copper telecommunication cables Fibre optic cables 1 Fibre optic cables Signalling (controlling) cables  1 Signalling (controlling) cables Rubber cables 1 Rubber cables Welding cables (in CPE insulation) Welding cables (in CPE insulation) Mining conductors and cables 1 Mining conductors and cables Reflective mining cables 1 Reflective mining cables Vessel cables 1 Vessel cables Vehicle and ignition cables 1 Vehicle and ignition cables Medium voltage cables (MV) 1 Medium voltage cables (MV) High-voltage systems 1 High-voltage systems
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We are a recognized and trusted provider of copper and aluminum cables and wires.

We offer a comprehensive assortment of wires and  cablesApart from the standard assortment of products, we also offer special cables made to meet individual customer orders.

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Construction Construction Mining and tunnels Mining and tunnels Power engineering & Rail Power engineering & Rail High & extra high voltage systems High & extra high voltage systems Renewable Energy Renewable Energy Shipbuilding Industry Shipbuilding Industry Automotive industry Automotive industry Oil and gas Oil and gas Telecommunication Telecommunication Industry Industry Automation Automation Welding industry Welding industry