TFKable and JDR to present at HUSUM WIND

TFKable and JDR to present at HUSUM WIND

HUSUM WIND Congress will take place in Germany from 12–15 September 2017. It is a gathering for the renewable energy industry, including representatives from the offshore and onshore wind energy sector, held every two years since 1989. During Husum Wind 2017, TFKable Group, together with JDR, will present a joint and extended product range.

The four-day congress will give visitors a chance to take part in over 100 panel discussions, workshops and seminars, during which themes such as sector integration, offshore innovation and energy security will be discussed. Over 650 exhibitors have confirmed their participation so far.

“In August 2017, TFKable Group finalised the acquisition of JDR, a leading manufacturer of subsea umbilicals and power cables. As a result, TFKable’s commercial portfolio has been expanded with the technologically advanced production of subsea systems, as well as maintenance and installation services, providing continued support to global trade partners. Moreover, we have increased our assets with two production facilities located in the UK, allowing us to supply more and more innovative products and services to the global oil, gas and renewable energy markets.” — comments Ryszard Pilch, Vice President of Trade, TELE-FONIKA Kable SA.

JDR is the preferred supplier of dynamic subsea cables for the offshore oil and gas industry. JDR’s products are furnished with sealed single-core cables provided by TFKable.

“We started partnering with JDR in 2008 and over the last 10 years we have jointly carried out over 60 projects. During that time TFKable Group has been an important business partner and supplier of sealed cores for low, medium and high voltage JDR products. The total volume of the delivered sealed cores amounted to 7,000 km — and over 60% of projects were carried out in the oil and gas sector. Working together, we have also reached a considerable share of the global offshore wind market. JDR’s high-efficiency systems deployed in the offshore oil, gas and renewable energy sectors increase the reliability of offshore operations. They also broaden the scope of TFKable’s cable solutions.” — adds Piotr Mirek, First Vice President of the Board, TELE-FONIKA Kable SA.

HUSUM WIND is an industry congress that boasts circa 18,000 visitors. TFKable Group, together with JDR, will exhibit samples of medium and high voltage cables, 1 kV cables and also components of submarine cable system used in the offshore wind sector. The exhibition will be held in 5C22 hall.

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About TFKable Group

TFKable Group is a leading global producer of wires and cables, with major production facilities in Europe and sales offices globally. With their HQ in Poland, TFKable Group employs nearly 4,000 people and consists of several trading companies, with a significant number of production plants around Europe and a Cable Waste Recycling Department in Poland. TFKable Group offers 25,000 types of wires and cables, which are sold in 80 countries. With a consistent growth strategy based on client portfolio diversification, TFKable Group has cemented its position as a world leader in the cable business, with significant further development potential.


About JDR

JDR’s world-leading solutions bring power and control to energy systems in the global offshore oil, gas and renewable industries. For more than 20 years, we have built our success on our technical expertise and reliability. Every market we enter, every customer we serve, and every project we deliver benefits from exactly the same dedication to technical quality, service and support.

In designing, manufacturing, delivering, installing and supporting subsea power cables and umbilical systems, our engineers and manufacturers are committed to providing products and services of the highest quality. We deliver consistently reliable solutions through our specialist engineering and experienced project management teams. Our 24/7 service and support throughout the product lifecycle meets even the most complex and demanding project requirements.