ENTSO-E / Europacable Joint Paper on Demand and Capacity

ENTSO-E / Europacable Joint Paper on Demand and Capacity

Cable manufacturers & power transmission operators team up to interconnect Europe

In a joint paper, ENTSO-E and Europacable recognize the overall coherence between the demand for cables by 2030 as identified by the 10-year network development plan (TYNDP) and the annual production capacity of cable manufacturers in Europe. They also commit to closely cooperate and exchange information to mitigate risks of delays to and reflect possible changes in the projects.
For ENTSO-E’s Secretary General, Laurent Schmitt, “adapting the power system for the coming decades means augmenting and digitizing the network. Hardware is as important as software. Regarding hardware, cables account for over half of the infrastructure identified in the TYNDP. Knowing that Europe’s manufacturers are up to the challenge is a real comfort. Indeed, as another recent ENTSO-E report shows, the cost of non-grid can be quite high for Europe, from financial, environmental and security perspectives’.”
Europacable President Valerio Battista confirms: “The European cable industry is ready: We have the capacity and expertise to deliver high quality HVAC and HVDC land and submarine cables to our customers in Europe. It is important that transmission operators and manufacturers are closely aligned in delivering the TYNDP projects. We cannot afford any delays as these would put at risk Europe´s competitiveness and our ambition to deliver clean, sustainable energy for all.”
The joint paper shows that to go from promise to practice by 2030 on interconnecting Europe, some 46,000 km of land and submarine cables are needed – 42,000 km of HVDC and 4,000 km of HVAC. Since the annual production of HVDC cables is confirmed at 6,500 km for the next decade, this covers the needs of the TYNDP projects. Additionally, sufficient HVAC cable production capacity is available to accommodate both the TYNDP and national projects – the latter being outside of the TYNDP and thus not fully analysed in the joint paper.


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