TFKable Group participates once again in MEE in Dubai

TFKable Group participates once again in MEE in Dubai

MEE, or Middle East Electricity, energising the industry, is a recurring event that is organised this year from 6th to 8th of March 2018 in Dubai. Once again, this industry meeting taking place this year is going to attract over 700 participants representing the regions of East Asia and Africa and the rest of the world, including around 100 international speakers presenting the most important industry development directions during the scheduled thematic panels. The TFKable Group, which has been supplying specialist cable systems to the markets of Middle East and India successfully for the last several years through a sales and service unit in Dubai, that is, DCCM Dubai, is going to have once again an opportunity to present its line of halogen-free HV products, fire-retardant Flame-x cables and wires, and a group of products dedicated to the mining, petroleum and gas industries. Additionally, there is also going to be presented the innovative structure of the 2XS(FL)2Y-2T4FM 1x2500 RMS/150 220/400kV cable, capable of transmitting about 1400 MVA at the voltage level of 400 kV.

"It is worth underlining that due to their interference with the infrastructure, 400 kV cable systems constitute a particular challenge to the manufacturers of cables and cable accessories. As a result, the 400 kV cable systems are offered only by a small group of the most specialised and technologically advanced manufacturers in the world. Last year, that group of manufacturers was joined by the TFKable Group, which, bearing the expectations of industrial grid operators in mind, has initiated an almost 2-year-long project of installation of a 400 kV cable system and research thereon in its manufacturing plant in Bydgoszcz. This innovative project, carried out under the supervision of the German VDE research and accreditation institute, as well as the positive work results confirmed in the audit, allowed including in the product offer of the TFKable Group a complete 400 kV cable system for transmission of electric energy in high- and highest-voltage grids, which, importantly, takes into account the requirements of faultless and safe system operation, as well as environmental aspects," indicates Piotr Mirek, I st Vice-President in charge of operations of TELE-FONIKA Kable SA.

Another innovative product is the line of reflective mining cables of the TELE-FONIKA Kable brand, which is dedicated also to the surface mining industry. The reflective cable manufacturing process technology elaborated in the manufacturing plant in Kraków enables 100% coverage of the external shielding with a special reflective polyurethane compound. This innovative solution replaces perfectly the currently applied reflective tapes covered with transparent polyurethane which, due to the harsh working conditions, often lose their reflective properties, thus leading to a decrease in the level of visibility and safety. The additional and unique performance characteristics of the reflective mining cables line include, among others, resistance to high mechanical tensions, very high elasticity, perfect resistance to abrasion and tearing, high chemical resistance, and limitation of flammability level in accordance with Do IEC 60332-1-2. It is worth indicating that these lines were tested in the Research Labs of the TFKable Group located in Bydgoszcz and Kraków, where they underwent, among others, tensile strength, resistance to tearing, and external shielding weight change tests.

"What is more, during the preceding year the TFKable Group has expanded its manufacturing and technological capabilities, also by being joined by the leading manufacturer of subsea production umbilicals and power cables for the petroleum, gas and renewable energy industries - JDR Cable Systems (Holdings) Ltd. ("JDR"). Thanks to that, our product range now includes submarine power supply cables, intervention workover control systems umbilicals, and power and control umbilicals.  These products can contain insulated power cores, data transmission cables and hydraulic control hoses and steel tubing used for monitoring and remote control in offshore oil and gas infrastructure projects," Piotr Mirek adds.

TFKable Group is going to be present at the booth no. H1.E28.

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