TFKable Group at a mining industry fair in Latin America

TFKable Group at a mining industry fair in Latin America

 TFKable Group at a mining industry fair in Latin America

From 23rd to 27th of April 2018, the 15th edition of EXPOMIN 2018 will be taking place in Chile. This cyclical mining event, the largest one in Latin America, is participated by international suppliers and manufacturers operating in the mining industry. Additionally, this year’s meeting, also in its conference part, is going to be devoted to underlining the role of innovations within the scope of development of mining in this region. The TFKable Group is going to be represented by the TFCA company, the experience of which in terms of offering proven solutions within the scope of cables for mining industry and other industries on the markets of both Americas dates back to the end of 1980s.

What deserves particular attention during the EXPOMIN 2018 event is the TFCA’s presentation of an innovative line of reflective mining cables, the implementation of which was inspired by the desire to increase work safety in difficult operating conditions. The main objective of the innovation developed by the TFKable Group was obtaining the effect of higher visibility of mining cables in underground mine galleries or during night-time works in surface mines. The increased visibility enables minimising the risk of mechanical damage, to which the cables are exposed when supplying power to mining machines, as a result of moving cables directly on the ground, which in case of poor visibility often results in their breakage or damage and translates directly to reduced safety of workers or increased operating costs due to stoppages.

The key to achieve success in implementing that innovative solution was to effectively combine polyurethane, characterised by very high mechanical strength parameters, with the reflective materials applied, which enables obtaining a new type of coating for mining cables.

“The reflective cables of the TELE-FONIKA Kable brand ensure long and safe operation thanks to combination of key characteristics of the polyurethane outer sheaths applied in them, that is, very high resistance to mechanical damage, and the increased cable visibility provided by the reflective effect. As a result, the line of reflective mining cables is characterised by 5 times higher resistance to abrasion, 2 times higher tensile strength, 2 times higher resistance to tearing and up to 8% lower weight of the external outer sheaths in comparison to rubber cables. The resulting product increases safety and reduces the costs of excavation thanks to its higher resistance to mechanical damage and, in consequence, longer lifetime,” underlines Paweł Staszewski, Sales Director - Mining, Industry, Oil&Gas

EXPOMIN 2018 in Chile is an international mining industry event which will enable presentation of over 700 foreign companies from 35 countries this year. The key topics of this year’s event are going to be, among others, the challenges faced by the mining sector from the perspective of: technology, competitiveness, adoption of sustainable growth principles, efficiency of solutions used, and further investments in that region.

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