JDR and TFKable, part of the TFKable Group, will present their joint technology and production capabilities during WindEnergy Hamburg

JDR and TFKable, part of the TFKable Group, will present their joint technology and production capabilities during WindEnergy Hamburg
The Global Wind Summit will take place in Hamburg from 25 to 28 September 2018. This is the largest and most important meeting of the wind industry, combined with the WindEurope conference. This unique platform for the exchange of knowledge and business meetings is dedicated to the issues of increasing energy efficiency on land and offshore. During the event, JDR Cable Systems and TFKable, part of the TFKable Group, will for the first time present their joint technology and production capabilities, especially in the field of providing more innovative products and services dedicated to the offshore industry.

The mutual cooperation between JDR and TFKable began in 2008. Since that time, the companies have collaborated together on over 60 projects in the field of offshore renewable energy and subsea oil and gas extraction. These projects include the delivery of cabling to the largest offshore wind farms in the world, with Greater Gabbard (2009), London Array (2011) and Hornsea One (2017).

In the summer of 2018, JDR announced they have been awarded a project to deliver the inter-array, export and land cables to the first commercial scale offshore wind project in Taiwan as part of the Formosa project 1. Last month, JDR announced their third 66 kV cable project involvement, with the supply of inter-array cables, which link turbines together, as part of the Hornsea 2 project.

- "Both projects are the result of joint cooperation, as a result of which we currently have adequate production and technology facilities at the TFKable Group level, thus providing the opportunity to develop offshore systems produced by JDR. I am pleased that a year after JDR joined the TFKable Group, we are building our presence on global markets, especially on the wind farm market.”  - emphasizes Monika Cupiał-Zgryzek, Chief Executive Officer, TFKable Group 

Furthermore, TFKable is a proven supplier to the renewable energy sector. Our product range includes cables and wires of low (EPR), medium and high (XLPE) voltages, as well as control/optical cables for the transmission of data and provision of security, which are applied in the construction and operation of coastal and inland wind farms.

-"Current trends in the offshore industry, emphasize that the most effective solutions are those that shift the technical boundaries of offshore wind projects through their comprehensive service. Close cooperation between all partners undertaking the implementation of the most demanding undertakings is equally important. Confirmation of this is with the Formosa 1 project, where the JDR and the TFKable Group will not only deliver 21km of inter-array cable and 13km of export cable, but a further 16km of land cable to transmit power from the shore to the local substation.  The project will  also include the installation of cables, cable accessories, post-installation testing services, and provide a range of accessories, including cable protection systems.” – adds Richard Turner, Chief Executive Officer at JDR, part of TFKable Group
Both projects Formosa 1 i Hornsea 2 will be manufactured at JDR’s state-of-the-art facility in Hartlepool.

WINDENERGY HAMBURG 2018 is an industry event that during four days of the fair attracts industry experts, domestic and foreign partners as well as numerous visitors who are looking for information about innovative projects or solutions present on the market. In addition to presenting their capabilities in delivering innovative solutions, TFKable Group will also have the opportunity to celebrate the first anniversary of JDR Cable Systems joining the TFKable Group.  JDR Cables Systems brings their global expertise in umbilical and cable connectivity to the energy industry, to extend the range of innvoative products and solutions provided across the TFKable Group.

The TFKable Group will be present during exhibition days #Hall B6 #BOOTH 421