TFKable Group at Live Design International (LDI), Las Vegas

TFKable Group at Live Design International (LDI), Las Vegas

Between 19th and 21st of October 2018 TFKable Group will be presenting our cable products in the Live Design International (LDI) in Las Vegas Convention Center, USA. This is a cyclical event, connecting design, tech and production to the live audience experience. Additionally, this year’s meeting, also in its conference and tradeshow for live design professionals, is going to be devoted to underlining the cutting-edge gear presented to live demo exclusively to LDI attendees. The TFKable Group is going to be represented by the TFCA company, the experience of which in terms of offering proven solutions on the markets of both Americas dates back to the end of 1980s.

TFKable Group will be presenting its innovative line of Stage Lighting Cable. This type of cables is used in the entertainment industry for portable power lighting applications for television, night clubs, concerts, sound systems and film stage requirements.

“The Stage Lighting Cable of the TELE-FONIKA Kable brand, and especially type SC (UL) has excellent flexibility and is suitable for continuous submersion in water, offers the highest resistance to oils, solvents, ozone, aging, abrasion and is rated 1050C.. Is a perfect solution that works well during the organization of the technical aspects of each event, due to the features it has become a full complement to the stage lighting equipment” underlines Kent Hermoso, Director of Sales North America at TFCA, TFKable Group

It is worth mentioning that TFCA supplies Stage Lighting cable to all major lighting houses throughout the United States, particularly in major metropolitan markets as well as major production companies such as Paramount and Fox.

Live Design International (LDI) 2018 in Las Vegas is an international live design event which will enable presentation of over 390 foreign companies from 80 countries this year, and will gather up to 14 000 attendance. During the event there will be sessions to-attend, as like: site-specific, case studies, hands-on technology training, behind-the-scenes tours, and panel discussions. All attendance can select from over 100 sessions from comprehensive professional training programs, which include the LDInnovation Conference™, the LDInstitute™ and LDIntensives™, which will take place from October 15th.

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