TFKable Group at POWER-GEN trade show, USA

TFKable Group at POWER-GEN trade show, USA

Between 4th and 6th of December 2018 TFKable Group will be presenting cable products in the POWER-GEN International in Orlando, FL USA. This is a cyclical event focused on current trends, modern technologies and innovations dedicated to the industrial sector. This year's meeting is not just an opportunity to learn about the future of the energy spectrum and mix, but also to take part in Knowledge Hubs, or open micro-sessions, conducted in accordance with the principle “You asked and we listened”! The TFKable Group is going to be represented by the TFCA Company, the experience of which in terms of offering proven solutions on the Wind Energy and Solar Power markets back to the end of 1980s.

TFCA experience in Alternative Energy markets is well proven. Underground Medium Voltage cables 5 – 35KV for wind farm collection systems and High Voltage cables up to 240KV for substation power are installed throughout Europe, South America, US, Canada and in many other parts of the world.

“We will be presenting our array of products for the power generating industry. This trade show is also significant opportunity to learn about our vast menu of products that have been installed in all types of power generating from wind, solar, hydro to fossil fuel all over the world.  Although we provide products for all industries, we will focus on our medium and high voltage cables for fixed installations as well as our flexible portable power cables used in wind turbines.” underlines Kent Hermoso, Director of Sales North America at TFCA, TFKable Group

TFCA through their manufacturing base in Europe has the ability and proven record of supplying product to meet any world standards requirement in this market sector.

POWER-GEN 2018 in Orlando is an international trade show which will enable presentation of over 1,400+ exhibitors and will gather up nearly 300 industry experts who will lead thematic sessions in the conference part. This industrial meeting is investing in a customized meeting experience that connects hand selected, vetted, decision makers from power generating companies  and companies who are actively sourcing products and services.

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The TFKable Group will be present during exhibition days #BOOTH 2173