JDR and TFKable will be presenting The Vital Connection for the offshore Oil & Gas sector during Subsea Tieback Show

JDR and TFKable will be presenting The Vital Connection for the offshore Oil & Gas sector during Subsea Tieback Show

The SUBSEA TIEBACK FORUM & EXHIBITION will take place in SAN ANTONIO, TX USA from 5th to 7th March 2019. This is a critically important meeting of the global Deepwater Subsea Production community, paired with substantive panel discussions, technical presentations, and networking sessions. This is a cyclical event focused on current trends, modern technologies and innovations dedicated to the Oil & Gas sector. During the event, JDR Cable Systems and TFKable, part of the TFK.Group, will present examples of custom engineered and partnership solutions. These are based on combinations of the traditional ownership and leasing models for Intervention Workover Control Systems (IWOCS).

David Nemetz, Director for the Americas at JDR, says: “These advantages of the rental model are globally applicable, but particularly pertinent to the US oil and gas sector. Due to the fact that most wells requiring intervention – around 80 percent globally – are in water less than 7-8,000ft with pressures below 15,000 PSI. Such wells can be serviced by ready-configured, standard IWOCS, making them ideal for suited to develop the best correlation for customers based on the purchase of an OPEX on the rental market instead of buying using CAPEX”.

JDR also offers a wide range of supporting hardware and equipment including Chemical Injection units, hydraulic test units and umbilical reelers.

Wojtek Skoczylas, Global HV Systems/UK Market Director at TFKable, adds: “A natural complement to the needs of the oil & gas industry is the design of an appropriate cable system that allows the transmission of high-voltage electricity. This solution is provided with XLPE insulated cables, offering low electrical losses, easier installation, high degree of reliability and safety as well as minimal impact on the environment”.

JDR also is a provider of subsea production umbilicals (SPU), umbilical cable, or subsea power cables used sed by oil and gas operators to distribute power between offshore installations. Furthermore SPUs are designed to operate long-term in challenging and dynamic subsea environments. The products provide critical power, control and monitoring links, connecting multiple elements of an offshore oil & gas field.

In addition, during the presentation, it will be chance to familiar with examples of Steel Tube Production Umbilicals, Hybrid Steel-Thermoplastic Umbilicals, SSIV controls, Steel Tube Flying Leads, High-voltage cables up to 400 kV and Intervention Workover Control Systems.

SUBSEA TIEBACK FORUM & EXHIBITION 2019 this is a cyclical event focused on industry changes, where sharing of knowledge and collective experiences becomes more and more crucial to improving the quality, safety, and economics of the subsea tieback industry.

The TFK.Group will be present during exhibition days #BOOTH 538

A special Invitation Only event will be held for our industry collaborators on Wednesday March 6th, 2019. Reach out to your JDR Account Manager for details.

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