Europacable ready to launch a multi-stakeholder communication campaign on CPR Awareness

Europacable ready to launch a multi-stakeholder communication campaign on CPR Awareness
The objective of this initiative is to inform all relevant stakeholders about the new requirements for cables under the CPR and provide them with useful information to meet their individual responsibilities to comply with the CPR.
- Starting on May 20th, the communication campaign will cover more than 10 countries within the EU/EEA.
- Electrical professionals will be able to sign up for the My CPR Coach: Europacable’s training program.
- Different initiatives will take place, including a CPR Checklists for installers, specifiers and wholesalers.
- White Papers on individual country requirements on the CPR requirements will be provided and
- The Europacable website will link to satellite website in local languages.
The Europacable online campaign will focus on digital communication channels. The messages will be delivered to selected stakeholders on social media and market known platforms, such as Voltimum. Features will be:
My CPR Coach training program
All electrical market professionals are invited to sign up for the My CPR Coach training program developed by Europacable exclusively for this campaign. Users will receive a sequence of emails containing the most important aspects around CPR compliance, fire performance of cables, CE marking, DoPs and more. The program is available in several different languages and will cover the main benefits each professional is gaining from complying to CPR.
Your responsibilities on safety in case of fire
The first phase of the CPR Awareness campaign, available from May 20th, will cover the main responsibilities of the different electrical market stakeholders. Europacable will focus on the legal responsibilities for safety in the case of fire and compliancy with the CPR.
For this Campaign to leverage its full potential, we need the supporting outreach of our Member Companies and National Associations. Detailed requests for support will be sent by separate email.