JDR and TFKable host the meeting of Kriegers Flak - Safety & Quality Day

JDR and TFKable host the meeting of Kriegers Flak - Safety & Quality Day
"Kriegers Flak - Safety & Quality Day" of partners and suppliers involved in the construction of the wind farm was held at the JDR Cable Systems production plant in Hartlepool was on 30 October 2019. This is a cyclical meeting of representatives of TFKable, JDR, Vattenfall and AFL, which aims at the exchange of knowledge and sharing good practices related to the introduction of transparent communication QHSE, concerning further adjustment of expectations in terms of safety and quality of components and work.

The Kriegers Flak offshore wind farm will be located 15 km east of the Danish coast in the southern part of the Baltic Sea. In 2021, when it is completed and its 72 turbines start operating, it will be the largest offshore wind farm in Denmark, capable of supplying up to 605 MW of electrical power. This is enough to supply more than 600,000 Danish households - equivalent to 23% of all Danish households - with renewable energy 

JDR is a supplier of cables and accessories for Vattenfall, the company carrying out this investment. Previously, JDR, TFKable and Vattenfall cooperated in the construction of Aberdeen Offshore Wind Farm and Sandbank Offshore Wind Farm.

JDR will supply 170 km of 33 kV aluminium core inter-array cables, T-Connectors, Fibre Optic Boxes and Hang Offs, Repair Joints, Chinese Fingers, Cleats, Switchgear Connectors, Inline Joints, Spare Cables and will carry out Cable Testing and Terminations. In turn, TFKable will supply core wires to aluminium inter-array cables - their production began in the Bydgoszcz production plant in October 2019.
Quality and technology

It is worth mentioning that in the plants belonging to TFK.Group in Bydgoszcz and Hartlepool TH!NK SAFETY and TH!NK QUALITY programs are implemented - both related to maintaining safety and continuous improvement of quality in production processes.

Their main goal is to increase the awareness of employees and their involvement in production processes. As a result, in 2018, employees submitted 561 ideas to TFKable as part of the KAIZEN BHP  tool, and 186 improvement forms were submitted to JDR - a perfect example of the response to the implementation of safety and quality principles in the production management system.

The TH!NK SAFETY programme was introduced at TFK.Group in 2017 and consists of a continuous improvement of the additional possibilities to transfer information between department managers and operators in order to eliminate potentially dangerous situations. In turn, The TH!NK QUALITY programme was implemented one year later, in 2018, to reduce the cost of quality loss.