TFKable is participating in the European Fire Safety Week

TFKable is participating in the European Fire Safety Week
On 18 and 21 November 2019 in Brussels, the European Fire Safety Alliance organizes the first ever industry meeting related to European fire safety. The conference is aimed at raising awareness of the importance of choosing the right cable constructions in buildings. Namely, the cables in the production of which the increased fire safety standards—such as CPR (Construction Products Regulation) introduced in 2011—have been taken into account.
It is noteworthy that the statistics from the 2016 survey carried out by researchers from the Swedish University of Lund were taken as the starting point for the discussions. They clearly indicated that residential fires in the US caused 81% of all fire victims and 73% of fire-related injuries.
At the same time, the Simulation of critical evacuation conditions for a fire scenario involving cables and comparison of two different cables confirmed that the use of cables with low fire risk can significantly reduce the risk of fire. As a result, the use of suitable materials to ensure that the smoke generated in a fire is transparent and has a low level of corrosivity, thus significantly improving visibility, provides a better chance of escaping from the fire. It also significantly increases the effectiveness of rescue teams' work.
During the European Fire Safety Week, experts from the fire industry, industry and industry organisations will have the opportunity to exchange best practice, research and recommendations on fire safety. The resulting issues and proposals will be included in an EU action plan to be submitted to Members of the European Parliament and European Commission officials at the next fire safety meeting in early 2020.
Europacable—an association of European cable and wire manufacturers—has taken on the role of a key sponsor of the European safety week. TFKable, a company that has been a member of Europacable for nearly two decades, will participate in two networking sessions scheduled for 19 and 20 November: Fire Safety of Buildings and Electrical Safety & Energy Transition: Preparing Buildings for a Safe Energy Transition.
It is worth noting that TFKable, together with partners associated with Europacable and in connection with the CPR regulations, since May 2019 has been conducting an educational and information campaign under the title of "Fire safety is our responsibility. Yours Too!". The aim of this initiative is to inform on a large scale about new regulations concerning cables intended for permanent installation in buildings and currently subject to the requirements of the CPR regulation. What's more, the campaign also gives you quick access to useful information that is intended to help installers, manufacturers and wholesalers meet the new requirements.
The information related to the Europacable campaign can be found on the website The free training program My CPR trainer is also available there. However, the most important news, including checklists on CPR compliance, questions and answers, are grouped in the FAQ section. Another way to obtain information about current regulations and requirements is to join the platform for the exchange of knowledge about TFKable products and current industry trends through Additionally, the entire range of cables and wires for the Polish market of TFKable brand can be found in the Guide of cables and wires covered by the CPR regulation, available at The guide contains developed categorization of fire resistance classes for individual buildings, which also correspond to the national standard—the SEP-E-007:2017-09 norm—which facilitates the selection of an appropriate type of cable for use in public buildings.