TF Kable is the main partner of the 62nd EUEW General Convention

TF Kable is the main partner of the 62nd EUEW General Convention

Myślenice, 22 May 2017

Press Release

TF Kable is the main partner of the 62nd EUEW General Convention

On 1-3 June 2017 in Cracow, the Association of Electro-technology Distribution Employers – SHE is organizing the 62nd General Convention of EUEW – European Union of Electrical Wholesalers. This is a cyclical meeting of representatives from the largest European manufacturers and distributors or electrical engineering. This year, TELE-FONIKA S.A. takes the patronage of this event.  

The energy efficiency of buildings, i.e. meeting the requirements and standards included in EU regulations, as well as taking into account the growing needs of global society, including minimization of environmental threats, is the theme of this year’s meeting. As a result, participants will have the opportunity to talk about the most important issues during discussions planned in the second day of a plenary session or during scheduled unofficial meetings. Moreover, it is an excellent opportunity to discuss current development trends and perspectives both in the field of technology and business solutions. An example will be the lecture under the title “About the impact of wire and cable manufacturers on uninterrupted transmission of safe and clean energy” presented by Sławomir Dybczak, Sales Director – Energy, Telecom, Distribution Sectors from TELE-FONIKA Kable S.A.   

- “I do indeed welcome the fact that we have been invited to participate and patronize this year’s EUEW Convention. This is another business event, which reflects current market trends. I hope that, like during the meetings organizing in May by EUROPACABLE, this meeting will present current issues such as: adaptation to the requirements of CRP regulation, as well as perspective issues – i.e. visible technological and product opening of emerging markets. Furthermore, this event is significant for TELE-FONIKA Kable, because it takes place in the 25th anniversary of our business activity – in the city, where we have our largest production potential and also research and development potential.” says Monika Cupiał-Zgryzek, President of the Management Board of TELE-FONIKA Kable SA.

Sławomir Dybczak will say about the need to meet EU and national requirements and ensure the effective energy management. The presentation will highlight the aspects of implementing environmentally-friendly technologies in the production process, rational and economical management of resources, while reducing emission of harmful pollutants into the atmosphere. Moreover, it will present the environmentally friendly technologies, as well as effective and automated production lines introduced in TELE-FONIKA Kable for production of high quality products – inter alia, the entire Flameblocker or Flamex-950 production line – ensuring uninterrupted functioning of cable systems.

The 62nd General Convention of EUEW is a cyclical event that attracts numerous representatives from the industry. This is a great opportunity for meetings, to share observations and opinions, as well as to obtain information about significant events that affect the current market environment.

Topic of the presentation: How wire & cable industry is bringing secure, affordable and clean energy to all people in the world - Sławomir Dybczak - Sales Director – Energy, Telecom, Distribution Sectors, TELE-FONIKA KABLE S.A.