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Functionality of TFKable fiber optic cables

Functionality of TFKable fiber optic cables
Functionality of TFKable fiber optic cables
Rafał BodzońManager of Technologists Team for Telecommunication and Fiber Optic Cables, TFKable Group.

Socio-economic development is determined by access to information. There is a dynamically increasing demand for access to telecommunications networks to ensure the rapid transfer and high data throughput.  To meet the demands of customers, the operators expand their networks by applying innovative solutions based on fiber optic systems.

As a leading manufacturer of cables, the TFKable Group are supporting these activities.

Twenty-five years experience in the production of fiber optic cables, based on continuous investment in Research & Development, ensures high quality products adapted to today’s changing technology.

A wide range of our products are dedicated to both the construction of large backbone networks, as well as local access and in-house networks.  Our extensive product portfolio includes outdoor duct cables, cables suitable for installation directly in the ground or  overhead cables. Our modern and sophisticated factory enables us to produce  the most advanced constructions, designed for specialist applications such as cables for installation in sewage disposal systems or mining cables.

Such a wide range of applications requires individual custom designs, using specialized materials, ensuring many years of reliable operation in different conditions. From the beginning, we work with the most renowned suppliers of raw materials for the cables industry. TELE-FONIKA Kable’s fiber optic cables are made of carefully selected high quality materials, tested in both our internal and independent laboratories.

Many of our constructions are be customized to meet specific requirements – for example a cable to obtain a specific tensile strength. To increase the permissible tensile strength of our products, we include a layer of aramid or glass yarns under the outer sheath layer. We also include a glass yarn to provide protection against rodents such as rats or mice.  

Cables for installations which are exposed to mechanical impact are protected by the application of a corrugated steel tape or steel wire armour layer.  The armour significantly increase the cable’s impact and crush resistance whilst also providing the most reliable protection against attack by rodents.

One of the groups of our products for which demand is constantly increasing in recent years are fiber cables intended for microcanalization.

In a fiber optic microcanalization system, the cables are installed by using the blowing method – each to a separate tube forming a microcanalization package.  This solution provides the flexibility to manage the number of cables / fibers in the network, depending on the current demand, with the possibility to subsequently add or replace each of the previously installed cables, a definite advantage compared to the functionality of a standard cable duct.

The optimized designs for installation in microcanalization systems are the Z-XOTKtmsd type microcables, manufactured at Myślenice manufacture plant, TFKable Group. Their unique design benefits from exceptional operating parameters, in particular very long blow-in distances exceeding 2500 meters. Thanks to this, the process of their installation can be reduced in terms of costs and time to implementation.

To achieve these exceptional installation properties, the unique cable construction includes:

  • Application of a low friction coefficient coating material
  • Optimized rigidity of the cable
  • Reduced cable weight
  • Cable overall diameter optimized to the typical dimensions of microcanalization.

Another important product group are cables designed for overhead lines. ADSS (All Dielectric Self Supporting) cables, used for many years by railways and power utilities to build telecommunications networks. The use of existing infrastructure columns reduces the network construction costs when compared to duct system, for example.  Recently, we introduced a variant design which provides protection against shot blasting ADSS-XXOTKtsdDab. This was possible thanks to the inclusion of aramid yarns in the cable’s construction. The aramid fiber in the form of woven tapes dissipates the energy from the shot, protecting the internal components of the cable and optical fibers from damage.  ADSS-XXOTKtsdDabt cables, for telecommunications, railway networks and similar applications when installed in areas with an increased risk of damage.

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