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Due to the fact that this type of cable is used for the construction of wide networks, they include single-mode fibres the most often. In order to increase the cable strength to mechanical damage, the structure includes a central strength element, around which tubes with fibres are twisted. The cables are sealed in order to prevent from longitudinal water penetration, often additionally reinforced with aramid or armoured steel wires. Depending on the structure, they can be used in primary and secondary cable system, directly in the ground or sewerage system. TELE-FONIKA Kable also offers cables to suspend on pillars or directly on cables of the energy network. In order to protect from rodents, double external polyamide and polyethylene covers are used.

Product examples:


External cables:

  • A-DQ2Y
  • A-DQ(ZN)2Y
  • A-DQ2Y(ZN)2Y
  • Z-XXOTKtsFtl

External cables to sewerage system:

  • A-DQ2Y(SR)2Y
  • A-DQ2Y(SWA)2Y




External antirodent cables:

  • A-DQ2Y4Y
  • A-DQ(ZN)2Y4Y​


External self-supporting cables:

  • S-XOTKtsd


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