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Universal cables

They combine internal and external cables features: they can be used both inside and outside of buildings or structures. The type of used fibre depends on the network parameters, mainly distances of transmitted signal. The construction is based on the central strength element, in addition, reinforcement with aramid fibres is used to improve the cable mechanical parameters. Sealing with swelling tape (so-called dry seal) prevents from the longitudinal water penetration. The use of non-combustible, halogen-free external cover improves the cable fire properties, and its optional double layer provides a barrier against rodents.

Product examples:

  • ZW-NOTKsd
  • ZW-NOTKtsdp
  • ZW-NOTKSd flex
  • A/I-DQ(ZN)H
  • ZW-NOTKtcd
  • A/I-DQ2Y(ZN)H
  • A/I-DQ(ZN)2Y
  • A/I-DQ4YH
  • ZW-NOTKtsd
  • A/I-DQ(ZN)4YH


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