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Non-combustible cables:

In the case of fire, a key feature of installation cables involves uninterrupted supply of power, signal for alarm and fire protection points and devices meeting the main role in safe evacuation. Therefore, Flame-X 950 cables, in addition to meeting the requirements of the standards for flame spreading, emission of noxious gases and fumes (see FlameBlocker), also ensure the circuit continuity and the system integrity during fire. This is connected with the resistance to fire, water and mechanical damage. These cables are primarily used in: schools, hospitals, tunnels, shopping centres, airports, stadiums, theatres or industrial halls.

Product examples:

Flame-X 950 Standard 300/500V based on BS 7629-1
Flame-X 950 Enhanced 300/500 based on BS 7629-1
Flame-X 950 Single 0,6/1kV based on BS
Flame-X 950 Power 0,6/1kV based on BS 7846-F2
Flame-X 950 Flex based on AS/NZS 5000.1 (NZS 3013)
Flame-X 950 CR1-C1 300/500V based on NFC 32-310 (NFC 32070)
Flame-X 950 HDGs(ekv.), HLGs(ekv.) based on ZN-TF-208, BS 7629

The non-combustibility standards met by individual, listed types are:

  • IEC (EN) 60331 - determining the circuit continuity during fire within 180 min.;
  • EN 50200 - determining the resistance to fire from 15 to 120 minutes with mechanical impact,
  • BS 6387 - determining the resistance to fire (C), water (W), mechanical impact (Z),
  • BS 8434 - determining the kept continuity during operation of fire, water and mechanical impact at appropriate intervals,
  • AS/NZS - determining the integrity of the cabling system during operation of fire, water and mechanical impact,
  • NFC 32-070 - determining the circuit continuity during fire at a specified time.


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