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High-voltage systems

High-voltage systems 2

Transmission of electricity in high voltage networks (HV: UN 36-150 kV) and extra high voltage (EHV: 220-500 kV) has always been the biggest challenge, requiring the application of the most advanced technological solutions. Due to their nature and importance for the economy, the particularly restrictive requirements for trouble-free and economical operation are imposed on HV and EHV transmission networks.

These requirements are and were the driving force behind the changes in the technology of production of cables, setting new trends and standards on the market. The breakthrough involved the use of cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) as cable insulation. Due to its properties, this material allowed to produce reliable, easy-to-install cables with very low loss ratio for high and extra high voltage systems.

The building connection through the cable system allows to:

  • avoid interfering with the present infrastructure (the cable system minimally blocks provided further investments)
  • achieve a high degree of reliability and safety,
  • maintenance-free operation,
  • minimum interference in the environment (the low value of the magnetic field near the cable track),
  • avoid negative effects on the landscape.

The cable systems are used when connecting objects of special interest, where the priority is to ensure the continuity of power transmission as well as for areas of high landscape value.

TELE-FONIKA Kable belongs to a narrow group of reputable suppliers of such systems, with the ability to offer cables with cross sections up to 3000 mm2 and a voltage of up to 500 kV. The first cable system 110 kV in the plants of our group was produced in 1992, so we have many-year experience in the design and production of cables HV and EHV as few in the world and the only company in Poland.

The HV department supports customers in the field of HV cable systems:

  • design and optimization of the cable construction, including loading calculations and all the relevant electrical parameters,
  • preparation of complex offers for HV and EHV covering delivery of cable and accessories, installation and post-installation testing,
  • advice on the design of the cable systems: selection of accessories, ground type, optimization of working conditions etc.


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