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Round single-core in polyvinyl insulation:

These cables are in the voltage range of 300/500V and 450/750 V and are covered by the standards:

DIN VDE 0281-3, DIN VDE 0281-7, BS 6004, NFC 32-201-3, NFC 32-201-7, PN HD 21.3 S3 and PN HD 21.7 S2.

The cables with a rated voltage of 300/500V are intended for installation inside devices and in luminaries. They are placed permanently in the installation pipes or other covers, to the signalling or controlling circuits.

Cables with a rated voltage of 450/750 V are intended for placement in installation pipes fixed on a surface or embedded in a surface. For fixed security of the installation inside or outside lighting controlling devices, on an alternating voltage up to 1000 V or DC voltage up to 750 V.

In both cases, the structures are assumed to be made of a core:

  • single-core - H05V-U (300/500 V) and H07V-U (450/750 V),
  • multi-core – H05V-R (300/500 V) and H07V-R or 6491X (450/750 V),
  • multi-core flexible - H05V-K (300/500 V) and H07V-K (450/750 V).

These cables can also be insulated with heat resistant polyvinyl, which increases the maximum core temperature during cable operation from +70°C to +90°C respectively: H05V2-U, H05V2-R, H05V2-K, H07V2-U, H07V2-R and H07V2-K.

The offer includes conduits in halogen-free insulation of H07Z-U, H07Z-R and H07Z-K type, in accordance with DIN VDE 0282-9, BS7211 and PN-HD 22.9 S33, designed for installation on a surface or in pipes, especially in areas with increased fire safety requirements, with reduced emissions of harmful fumes and toxic gases.

Products examples:
H05Z-U, H05Z-R, H05Z-K
H07Z-U, H07Z-R and H07Z-K, UK Ref. 6491B


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