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Round, single or multi-core in polyvinyl cover:

These cables are in the voltage range of 300/500V, 450/750V, 750V and 0.6/1kV.
The cables of a rated voltage of 300/500V with rigid single-core and multi-core cables are intended to be placed in dry rooms under and over plaster.

Product examples:
NYM-J (-O) based on DIN VDE 0250-204
YDY, YDY-żo, YLY based on PN-HD 21.4 S2 and ZN-92/MP-13-K12173
EKK-LIGHT based on SS 424 02 19-3
MMJ based on SFS 2091
PFXP based on HD 21.4 S2
UK Ref. 6181Y, 619(*)Y based on BS 6004
FR-N05VV-U(-R) based on NFC 32-207

In the rooms exposed to radiation i.e. hospitals, computer rooms, NYM(St) cables are used based on DIN VDE 0250-204/209.

The cables with a rated voltage of 450/750V and 750 V are intended to be placed permanently in power devices, in dry and wet rooms. They can be placed over and under plaster.

Product examples:
CYKY-J (-O) – based on CSN 34 7656 and 7657 and ZN-TF-215
YDY, YLY based on PN-87/E-90056
VMvK based on NEN 3616

In addition, the standard PN-87/E-90056 specifies the parameters for YLY cables with a voltage of 0.6/1 kV. These cables are used in dry and wet rooms, especially steel structures, machinery bodies, in points particularly exposed to mechanical damage.

All types of cables from this group can be installed outside, but only if they are not exposed to direct sunlight.


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