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Copper and aluminium power cables in polyvinyl shelter, 0.6/1 kV

The cables to be placed in the ground or cable channels without the threat of physical damage. It is possible to perform ordinary polyvinyl - combustibility based on IEC 60332-1 and in the version with polyvinyl non-spreading flame - combustibility based on IEC 60332-3-24. Construction of core: cores of class 1 or 2 round or sector. Operating temperature from -30 to + 70°C.

Product examples:
YKY, YKY-żo  / YAKY (0.6/1kV) PN-93/E-90401 IEC60502-1 PN-HD 603,S1
NYY based ob VDE0276-603, VDE 0276-627, IEC 50502-1
NAYY (0.6/1kV) DIN VDE 0276-603  HD
YnKY  / YnAKY (0.6/1kV) PN-93/E-90401 IEC60502-1 PN-HD 603,S1


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