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Broadband cables

The development of the Internet and the services provided via the Internet requires an increasing amount of data with increasing speed. This increases the need for a new kind of cables, which are likely to meet high binary throughput. In order to meet the demands of customers, the Internet operators develop the services based on the DSL technology. In the initial period, transmission occurred using existing telephone lines, later, as the transfer rate increases, a special type of cables likely to provide the correct electrical parameters in broadband transmission were used. The broadband cables produced by TELE-FONIKą Kable are mainly of low attenuation, low NEXT and FEXT crosstalks, and low effective capacitance. They can be used to build local telecommunications network, being placed in cable channels or an area of low threat of mechanical damage.

Product examples:
TK 59 42 xDSL 120 Ω


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