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Broadband cables

Broadband cables are a special type of telecommunication cable with a pair structure, designed so that they can meet the requirements of broadband transmission used to transmit data via the internet. 
In the initial period, transmission occurred using existing telephone lines. Llater, as the transfer rate increased, a special type of cables likely to provide the correct electrical parameters in broadband transmission were used. XzTKMDXpw cables operating in the frequency range up to 12 MHz became a standard on the Polish market.
Further development of “high speed internet” drove the development of telecommunication cables. Since 2014, TF Kable has produced broadband cables of XzTKMDXpw type, with a band extended up to 30 MHz to meet the demands of the telecommunications market. The quality of our products has been recognised not only in Poland but also in other European countries, where we successfully offer broadband cables compliant with the requirements of the national telecommunications operators.

Product examples:
TK 59 42 xDSL 120 Ω


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