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Computer cables

The computer cables are a special type of telecommunication cables, suitable for data transmission of digital and analogue data of high binary throughput. They are made of twisted pairs of copper cables. In order to reduce crosstalk (sound interference between pairs), each pair is twisted with another with a stroke. They are used in telecommunications connections, computer, automation and CCTV networks. Currently, they are used the most commonly in Ethernet networks. Depending on the working environment and, in particular, from the expected electromagnetic interference, different screens are used: no screen, centre screening, each pair screening, individual screens of pairs with an additional screen made of aluminium foil and copper wire mesh. The cables with a bearing line or filled with gel to carry out external systems.

Example products (in parentheses there are the latest marks):

  • UTP (U/UTP)
  • FTP flex
  • FTP (F/UTP)
  • UTPf
  • STP (SF/STP)
  • FTPf
  • S-FTP (S/FUTP)
  • FTPn
  • S-STP (SF/FTP)
  • FTPnf
  • UTP flex


All cables can be produced in accordance with the requirements of the category: 5, 5e and 6.


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