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Local cables

The cables of quad or pair construction. They are used for connections to the subscriber stations with headquarters, connections between control panels, construction of telecommunications railway networks, telephone systems in industrial plants. Depending on the construction, they can be laid in the cable system or directly in the ground. In the case of a large threat of mechanical damage, the armour made of wires or tapes is used. The construction with bearing line allows to suspend the cables on wooden or prefabricated supports. In antirodent version, a cover is made of steel tape.

Product examples:

  • XzTKMXw (quad)
  • XzTKMX(p)wFo(x)/(y) (quad)
  • XzTKMXpw (quad)
  • XzTKMXpwn (quad)
  • XzTKMXwFfx
  • XzTKMXw (pair)
  • XTKMXpw
  • XzTKMXpw (pair)
  • XTKMXpwn
  • XzTKMXpwn (pair)
  • TKMXn
  • XzTKMXpwnFtL(x)/(y) (quad)


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