Mining and tunnels

Mining and tunnels

TF Kable is Poland’s leading producer of mining conduits and cables, and one of the largest in the world. Our cables are used in the coal, lignite, copper, and salt industries as well as for other ores. For the production of mining conduits and cables, TF Kable has several different production lines for continuous vulcanisation, twisting, braiding and a whole range of equipment for research and quality assurance.  The continuous vulcanisation lines are capable of extruding three layers of rubber in a single operation, and are equipped with instruments to control the whole production process.

Decades of experience in the production of conduits and cables have allowed us to develop the insulation and covering materials that meet the highest global standards. The cables operating in harsh environments, such as mines, have special halogen-free and fire-retardant covers, and are resistant to tearing, abrasion, twisting, bending, water, oil and other chemicals. Our cables ensure long and safe operation in the harsh environments found in mines and heavy industry.

We also offer conduits and cables in a polyurethane cover (TPU), which offers extremely high resistance to abrasion, and is perfect for operating in the most difficult geological conditions.

It is worth noting important developments such as cables and conduits in reflective covers which exhibit not only exceptionally high mechanical performance but also unique mechanical features. The unique solution of a reflective cover increases safety in mines, and reduces the risk of damage to the cable/conduit significantly.

All mining cables can be adjusted to individual customer needs.

We also offer cables containing an optical module, as well as cables with control cores and pilot cores. Our cables guarantee supply of power in the most difficult working conditions underground and at surface.

Our cables meet all national and a number of international standards, such as DIN VDE/German/, BS/British/, ICEA and ASTM /American /NF C/French/, SANS /South African/, GOST /Russian/, AS/NZ (Australian) and many others.

Our mining conduits and cables are recognised by customers in countries around the world, including Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, the USA, Canada, Peru, Chile, Colombia, Argentina, Mexico, South Africa, Australia, Thailand, Mongolia and many more.


All information contained in this document, including the tables and drawings, are provided for information only and not a commercial offer; nor may it constitute the basis for pursuing any claim against TELE-FONIKA Kable S.A.


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