Power engineering & Rail

Power engineering & Rail

Sales in the energy sector can be divided into the following product groups: medium voltage power cables from 6/10 kV to 18/30 kV produced by the plant in Bydgoszcz; low voltage power cables of up to 1 kV produced by the plant in Kraków; power cables for overhead lines produced by the plants in Kraków and Bieżanów; and power cables of 450/750 V produced by the plant in Bieżanów.

All our products have excellent durability. They are designed to withstand extremely long and difficult working conditions.

Many years’ experience and quality are confirmed by the continued custom of power corporations, such as the TAURON, ENERGA, ENEA, PGE, Innogy STOEN, Vattenfall, e-on, Scottish & Southern, UK Power Networks, CEZ and many others.

TF Kable has a complete range of products that are used in the railway and infrastructure industry, both underground and overground. Our offer includes special medium and low voltage cables, telecommunication cables, signalling and control cables, as well as a full range of products to construct an overhead traction.

Due to the particularly high demands placed on railway cables, all of our products guarantee operational safety. In our laboratories, we test their fire, chemical and mechanical resistance. Our cables meet the highest safety standards.

Our long experience and the quality of our products for railways are recognised by customers around the world.


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