Welding industry

Welding industry

Due to the rapid development in the field of new technologies, it seems inevitable to observe the development of inter alia the welding sector.

Welding cables and wires offered by TELE-FONIKA are produced in compliance with all quality standards granted by a reputable certifying units.

Our products are used in all types of welding machines, meeting the highest quality requirements. They retain their high flexibility and strength. They are resistant to gases and liquids, and do not spread flame, as well. As a result, they are used indoors, outdoors and in dry and wet conditions.

The examples of such cables produced in our plants are:

H01N2-D 100/100 V DIN VDE 0282-6, BS 638, NFC 32-510
H01N2-E 100/100 V DIN VDE 0282-6, BS 638, NFC 32-510


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