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Cu and Al cables for placing in buildings

The cables insulated in polyvinyl or polyethylene cover or made of non-combustible plastic based on polyolefin or silicone are intended to transfer electricity. The cables described in chapter: Cu and Al cables for placing in the ground, can also be installed in buildings if they correspond to all the requirements. In buildings of special meaning and purpose, the halogen-free, fire resistant, non-spreading flames, so-called safety cables, are used.

The cables with small diameters are used in households for powering whole buildings and individual energy devices such as pumps, motors, heaters, cabinets, important equipment e.g. to maintain power supply in hospitals, theatres, public buildings.
The cables with larger cross sections are used to power devices that require high power, and high responsibility or operating under conditions of fire threat.

The standard parameters test, in addition to the electric and mechanics tests, verify inter alia: resistance to spread of fire, toxic emissions, aggressive, corrosive gases and dense fumes during combustion, keeping cable functions for a specified period of time during fire.

Keeping of the cable functions is very important in view of the need to supply electricity to devices whose performance is needed to carry out fast and secure rescue. They are mainly used in elevators in buildings with a large concentration of people like stadiums, shopping centres, office buildings, cinemas, theatres, hotels, etc.

Copper power cables with low smoke emissions, 0.6/1 kV Fire-resistant safety cables, halogen-free with low smoke emissions, 0.6/1 kV


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